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Provence: over 2600 years of winemaking tradition

The Ancient Greeks

The Provence is the birthplace of the French vineyard and rosé wines. Research shows the ancient Greeks brought wines and vines to southern France around 600 BC when they founded the city of Marseille. 

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Serious growth

After the fall of the Roman Empire, numerous foreign invaders came and went, each influencing the Provençal winemaking tradition. But it wasn't until the Middle Ages that winemaking in the Provence saw serious growth. This was due to monks in the local abbeys who were producing rosé wines as a source of revenue for the monasteries.

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& resurrection 

Sometime between 1860 and 1866 the deadly root-eating phylloxera insect arrived from America. In a few years time, it devastated nearly every vineyard in France, forcing winemakers to replant their vines. It was in 1879 that Mr. Victor Ganzin replanted the first vines at Château Camparnaud (Kɒm - pɒr - no).

A fruitful 

The noble De Chevron Villette family dates back to 1189 and has centuries of experience in viticulture. Today, the company owns one of the most modern wineries in the Provence. In 2012 a joint venture between Château Camparnaud and Chevron Villette integrated the family's knowledge for making superb Provence wines. ​

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"Provincia Nostra"

By the time the Romans arrived there in 125 BC, the rosé wine produced in the area had a premium reputation across the Mediterranean. The Romans introduced red wines, but rosé held firm in the area they called “Provincia Romana” - today's Provence.

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A wine of kings
& aristocrats

Around the 14th century, nobel families and military leaders started to acquire and manage vineyards in the Provence, laying the foundation for the region's modern-day viticulture. Rosé became prestigious; the wine of kings and aristocrats. 

A new era

In 2000, Château Camparnaud got acquired by Dutch wine expert Marnix Engels. He completely renovated the estate and vineyards, making it a state-of-the-art winemaking facility that operates with full respect for human and nature. 

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Present days

Today the winery is owned and operated by Mr. Engels and his son Alexander. In collaboration with Guillaume de Chevron Villette the team produces delightful rosé wines representing the unique terroirs and flavours of Provence. 

Marnix Engels

Marnix Engels has been active in the wine trade for over 40 years. He's a certified "broker and appraiser" in wine and is chairman of the Dutch Association of Experts in Wine.

His company - De Waal, Zey & Engels - is a renowned name on the Dutch market, representing some of the top wineries from around the globe since 1920. 

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An hour drive from the Côte d’Azur you’ll find this beautiful 350-year old mansion, deeply rooted in the sloping hills, forests and green heart of the Var-Provence. It’s a place where the vineyards are treated with the utmost care, resulting in the production of delightful rosé wines. 

Our team would like to welcome you.

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The ancient Greeks already knew it: the Provence is an ideal location for making wine. The terroir is rich in minerals and the elevation of the land offers warm summer days but crispy cool nights. And because the fresh "Mistral" wind blows through the vineyards, the vines stay cool and dry.

Discover our Provence rosé wines. 

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