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Understanding the climate, vines and terroir. These wines are the result of centuries of experience in Provence.

Location. Dedication. Specialization.

The ancient Greeks discovered it: the Provence region is ideal for making wine. The terroir is rich in minerals, the elevation of the land results in warm days and cool nights. The Mistral wind that soars through the vineyards helps to cool and dry the vines, and grapes mature gradually over a long Mediterranean summer...

A fruitful partnership

The noble de Chevron Villette family dates back to 1189 and has centuries of experience in winemaking. Today Guillaume de Chevron Villette is a proud owner of one of the most modern wineries in Provence. The company only uses state of the art wine making technology and has been the driving force behind sustainable farming practices in the region, pushing towards a cleaner, safer and healthier industry. In 2010 Marnix Engels and Guillaume de Chevron Villette established a joint venture to combine their shared knowledge and passion.

Today all our wines are made using a ''tri-optique'', an advanced computer-controlled system in which all grapes on the sorting table are subjected to an optical analysis by using a camera. When grapes do not meet the defined requirements regarding color or shape, they are automatically removed from the sorting table with high pressure. The result? Only perfect grapes make it into our selections. 


Brief skin contact during maceration ensures a beautiful light pink colour, and by using temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks we let the pure expression of our terroir speak as much as possible. 

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Building a better future
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We produce our wines with respect for Mother Nature. That means our production is sustainable, from vine to bottle. This certification goes beyond vineyard practises and also focuses on the way we treat the community, our employees, partners and stakeholders. 


"Terra Vitis" is a national federation of farmers, wine traders and industry experts governed by strict controls of production methods and techniques. Together we strive for pure products of supreme quality, while allowing us to maintain and secure our environment for future generations. 

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