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Mastering the art of rosé wines


Château Camparnaud "Prestige" is a beautiful salmon pink rosé with expressive notes of red and and exotic fruits. The silky, elegant palet offers a subtle balance of freshness and fruitiness, supported by a touch of spiciness. 

Enjoy with fresh summer salads, smoked salmon, grilled tuna or mildly spicy dishes. 

"The silky, elegant palet offers a subtle balance of freshness and fruitiness..."

🏆  Hubrecht Duijker - Best of the Test (aug, 2020)







A striking design, but an even more striking flavour. Our “Noblesse” Provence rosé is a limited production of a few hundred bottles per year. Noblesse is made from our finest parcels with vines of at least 40 years of age. The result: our best Provence rosé yet.

The perfect companion for gastronomic Mediterranean dining.

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Location & dedication

The ancient Greeks discovered it: the Provence region is ideal for making wine. The terroir is rich in minerals, the elevation of the land results in warm days and cool nights. The Mistral wind that soars through the vineyards help to cool and dry the vines, and grapes mature gradually over a long Mediterranean summer.

A fruitful partnership

In 2012, a joint venture with Count Guillaume de Chevron Villette brought state of the art wine-making techniques to Camparnaud. The nobel de Chevron Villette family dates back to 1189 and has centuries of experience in viticulture. Today, the company owns one of the most modern wineries in the Provence.

All our wines are made using a ''tri-optique'', an advanced computer-controlled system in which all grapes on the sorting table are subjected to an optical analysis by using a camera. When grapes do not meet the defined requirements regarding color or shape, they are automatically removed from the sorting table with high pressure. The result? Only perfect grapes make it into our selections.

We use temperature-controled stainless steel tanks to let the pure expression of our terroir speak as much as possible.

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Building a better future

We produce our wines with respect for Mother Nature. That means our production is sustainable, from vine to bottle.


"Terra Vitis" is a national federation of farmers, wine traders and industry experts governed by strict controls of production methods and techniques. Together we strive for pure products of supreme quality, while allowing us to maintain and secure our environment for future generations. 

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